Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cute Video

This is a Christmas video that I just saw. It is SOOOO CUTE! I love watching Mormon Message videos.
Merry Christmas!!!


Thursday, February 3, 2011


Steven and I are in more classes together this semester than ever. Yesterday during our Writings of Isaiah class we had a short break. We ran over to the testing center to get me some Sour Patch Watermelons. YUMMMMMMMMMM! We bought the last one in the vending machine but to my despair, it got stuck… I was SO sad. Steven tried kicking the machine a couple of times and then decided that this was an emergency so he called BYU Police.! In essence, here’s the conversation:
BYU: “What is your emergency?”
Steven: “We paid a $1.50 for Sour Patch Watermelons and they did not vend. Can we get a refund or is there someone y’all could send over here to unlock the machine?”
BYU: “Is this an emergency?”
Steven: “Well my wife REALLY wants these Watermelons.”
BYU: “Is anybody hurt?”
Steven: “Ummm, no. But she really needs these Sour Watermelons.”
BYU: “Is there broken glass in the surrounding area of the vending machine?”
Steven: “Nope.”
BYU: “I’m sorry then. We can’t help you.”
Hahaha, I couldn’t believe that he actually called BYU Police to try to get me my Sour Watermelons! We were laughing so hard after he got off the phone. Here’s a tip girls: Marry your best friend and laugh as much as you can. Steven and I laugh way too much together. On Monday I went grocery shopping. It is my far the most junk food I’ve ever gotten. Well on Tuesday I ate “a number” of Oreos. On Wednesday Steven realized that we had Oreos and was about to open the pack. I yelled out to him “NOOOOOOOOO! Don’t eat those!” He asked me why and I told him it’s because I’ll be embarrassed when he finds out how many I ate. (You can’t hide these things when you’re married.) Of course he opened it to see how many I ate. We fell on the floor laughing because I had eaten so many. Ok, I love Oreos. And Yes, I can eat them by the sleeve. Life’s good!