Thursday, March 31, 2011

2nd Place!

Steven has been working on a chemical car for the entire semester. The other day they presented and they got 2nd place!!! This is no ordinary high school "see how far your car can go" race. This is college people. This is the chemical engineering major! The class didn't know how far/ not far the car should go until the day of the presentation. Once the teacher said how far, 2.5 meters, the groups got to calculating. Stevens did a sweet iodine car. The car moves as long as the liquid is clear. Once it has been exposed to the light for so long, it turns black. Here's how the iodine works and next is Stevens car. Watch when the liquid turns black on the car. It's awesome! I never thought chemistry would be so interesting. =)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Space Heater, Carrots, and Ugly Babies... The Usual

Right now I am sitting in front of our new addition to our home….. A HUGE space heater! This thing is a life saver. Here’s the story: We were inspired by some of our neighbors to rarely turn the heater on in order to save money on our gas bill. ( I need to throw in there that these are the same neighbors that don’t have any hot water. So they heat up water on the stove when someone wants to take a bath… I would die without hot water! Hot water is up there with electricity for me! ) Anyways, we haven’t been using the heat in our house. On average, I was taking up to 2 baths a day to keep my body temperature normal. Haha. But now, I’ll just crank up the heat and sit in front of our gigantic space heater. My space is now heated. ( They should make that the new space heater motto.)

In other news, it turns out we have carrots in our garden! Ok, we didn’t plant them. I guess the previous owners did. BUT as we were preparing this patch of dirt for a garden, Steven came across a bunch of carrots.! I can’t wait for next Fall when we actually do plant things.

The other day, Steven and I were talking about how attractive our kids will be. With our good looks combined, there are no limits to how cute our kids are going to be. So we went to this website To combine our pictures to see what our future children will look like. This website better be a scam or else we are apparently going to have a man child and a scary looking girl.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Blockus/ Music

Tonight Steven and I played Blockus. It has become my favorite game. It’s kind of like Dominoes. If you don’t already know, I am EXTREMELY competitive. My mind is focused on destroying Stevens next move and how to play my best piece. However, I married someone much better then myself. Even after I have completely messed up his turn, taken his player out of the game, and rubbed his face DEEP in it; he still will help me make my best play.
I LOVE music. Here are some of the recent songs I’ve been listening to. I feel like these songs have been bottling up inside me and I just needed to share. Look em’ up
Flash back
• I want you back by Jackson 5
• Bring it All Back by S Club 7
• Bouncing off the Ceiling by A*Teens
• If I were a boy by Be
New discoveries
• India.Arie
• The Kooks
• Born this Way by Lady GaGa
• Rolling in the Deep by Adele
• Forget You by Cee Lo Green
• Grenade by Bruno Mars
• Marry Me by Train
• I Won’t Let Go by Rascal Flatts
• Dog Days are Over by Florence + The Machine