Sunday, July 18, 2010

Way to much trust

Back in the JC. It’s funny how this place feels like home to me. We were welcomed back with 79 students all wanting to use the 10 washers and dryers… Mass ciaos! You know you REALLY know someone when you can open up a dryer and tell exactly whose clothes are who’s with just a glance. For instance the other day, I was trying to find an open dryer so I would look to see if there were any clothes in them. First one = Jessie’s clothes, second= Camerons and third= Bro. Manscilles (my Old Test teacher). When I could recognize my own teachers clothes, that’s when I decided I know the people around here WAY to well.
My roommate asked me last night to cute her hair. I had to laugh out loud seeing as I have NEVER cut someone’s hair except for maybe my sisters when I was 4. Then my roommate say’s that all she wants is a trim and bangs… AHHHHHHHH! I told her that I have no idea what I’m doing but she said “Kt, I would trust you with my life.” My response, “your hair and your life are two completely different things.” After an eventful hair cutting experience I can officially say that my future kids will either end up bald or just come to grips with having choppy hair. Solution to this problem: live by Kindy or La so that they can cut their hair. Solved… After cutting my roommates hair she tried to convince me to put my last bag of popcorn in the “extreme dryer” to see if it would pop… What do you think happened?

Missing Galilee Already

Got lost in Nazareth (I almost had a panic attack), Capernaum, The Mt. of Beattitudes (sermon on the mount), Mt. Hermon (mount of Transfiguration), went on a boat ride across the Sea of Galilee, Church of Nain, rafting down the Jordan River, hiking to waterfalls, bonfires, morning scripture study on the shore, tanning while reading the four gospels and Jesus the Christ and much more! It's amazing at where the spirit can be felt. Lauren posted this on her blog while she was here and it kinda sums up my feelings (if that is even possible):
"Lord, I am living in the land where you once lived. —
I am standing where you stood;
I am wandering the paths you walked,
Though I cannot hear your voice teaching at the temple,
I can hear the testimonies of your pupils.
I cannot feel you in these erected holy places,
But I feel you in sweet hymns that lullaby my heart.
I cannot see you in the icons of lavish churches,
But I see you in the faces that surround me.
I cannot touch your pierced hands and feet,
But your mercy touches and pierces my soul.
I will not taste the slightest of thy burdens
But you have tasted the bitterness of mine.
I cannot comprehend your tender mercies,
But I know you comprehend the paths I’ll walk.
I cannot forget you, I will not forget you.
Not here or anywhere.”

Galilee was amazing. We did a lot of spiritual growing, bonding with the other JC students, reading and pulling pranks. When we came back from Egypt I couldn't wait to get back but Galilee was so peacful. I wanted to finish out the semester there. We have Jordan in 7 days! I only have a short time left here and I want to make the very most of it!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Usually when a semester is done you would typically be happy to be done with a class. Yesterday, I cried because it was my last Old Testament class with Brother Manscill. Yes, I cried… I had to muster every ounce of my strength to not just fall apart when he would look at me. He’s changed the way I read the scriptures and helped me grow in my testimony. I came here with a goal to become more scholarly in the scriptures and that is exactly what he’s helped me do.

A couple of days ago we celebrated a fake Passover. It’s during a different time of the year, but to get the experience we had our Judaism teacher, Ophier, do the entire celebration with us. It’s like a big Thanksgiving dinner but Jewish style. We head to Galilee in 4 days! I can hardly wait!
This is my view during sacrament meeting... AWESOME!