Monday, November 14, 2011

Not much has happened since my last entry on July 18th. YEAH RIGHT! I’ll try to sum up what’s gone down since then. Alright, after living with Grandma and Grandpa Barrow for the summer, Steven and I made the long drive back up to Provo, Ut. I loved spending the summer down in Sugar Land with the Barrow’s. One of my biggest goals was to really become a Barrow. Does that make sense? Like to really belong to the Barrow family. You know, I’ve been an Eddington my whole life. You don’t just transition over night. Every family does things different. I wanted to learn how the Barrow’s do things. Steven’s biggest goal for the summer was to master his soccer POWER KICK. Haha. I think we both accomplished our goals. =)
All summer we’d (more like I’ve) been wanting to get a pet when we got back to Provo SO after a lot of thinking about it and convincing we got a baby red foot tortoise.! His name is Douglas (Doug, Dougie, Dougel smuggle). WE LOVE HIM! Surprisingly, he’s pretty entertaining. We thought he might have some mental issues but then we realized that he’s still just a baby so his motor skills aren’t developed yet. Like he can barely eat on his own. He’ll open his mouth really wide like a yawn and we’ll have to try to get the food into his mouth as quick as possible before he closes. He’ll get pretty big but right now he’s smaller than my palm.

Schools great! I’ll be graduating in December!!! Looking forward to that. Steven still has a while left in school. He’s busy working a little more than part time and has a full class schedule. He’s so awesome. He never complains and works so hard. Right now I’m working at United Way. Oh, I LOVE it! I work 2-1-1. 2-1-1 “connects people with important community services and volunteer opportunities. By making services easier to access, 2-1-1 encourages citizen involvement and fosters self-sufficiency” ( Steven says I’m saving the world, one phone call at a time. Haha. I also work with the Sub for Santa program. I’ve helped with S4S before but nothing like this one. We help over 5,500 individuals! I’m excited to play a part in such a large wonderful organization. Here’s a little inspiring video.