Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Grandpa Barrow hired Steven and I to cut all the bamboo down at the cabin. The picture below doesn't even show 1/2 of the darn bamboo!

I like to think of myself as a pretty optimistic person; but cutting down the bamboo showed a whole new side of me that I didn't even know existed. My Dad is a property manager. Our yard work was usually done by the people that worked for my dad. Therefore, I haven't really done yard work. Sure, I would rake or weed sometimes but nothing to big. I was dead after 30 mins of cutting down this bamboo! I kept thinking "ok kt, you are one of those hard core wives; like a pioneer wife!" Then I would think "But I don't want to be a pioneer wife!" Seriously, biggest mental game I've played in a long time. Poor Steven. haha. He didn't think it was that bad. He made sure to listen to my complaining but he wouldn't join in with my bamboo trash talk. He always sets a good example to me. Every girl should want to marry a guy like Steven.

One of Stevens life goals is to beat me in basketball. Cute... One of the houses we are house sitting for has a small arcade basketball game. Steven's goal will have to wait a little longer. I creamed him...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I recently was given back the charger to my camera. (Hence the reason I haven't been putting up any new pictures.) This person shall stay anonymous, let’s call her Cheeser, has a tendency to hold on to my stuff FOREVER. So never mind that my senior year of college basically doesn't exist because I have no pictures; but let’s look at the bright side, I'll be taking A LOT of pictures this summer. Here's what's new:
Steven's younger sister Niki had prom. She was stunning! Her date, Jason, seriously was the luckiest guy at the prom.

For Kenzies birthday we went to the Strawberry festival. We eat some of the world’s largest strawberry shortcake! 1905 square feet of goodness!!! The whole building was filled with the smell of strawberries. The strawberry festival might as well as been called the "Straw and Hick Festival." I'm from TX but not the hick part. While at the festival I got to witness what true hicks would do. We saw Hog racing, Alligator Wrestling, rode a mechanical bull, and best of all, Mud volleyball. The mud volleyball looked like so much fun but we needed to pre-register. There were probably 20 pits of mud just for you to get dirty in. haha.

A while ago on facebook there was something called a Doppler. A Doppler was your famous look-a-like. I’ve never thought I look like anyone famous but Steven thinks he looks like Eminem. When he said that, I started laughing SO hard. Eminem is this hard core rapper and Steven is the most loving person you’ll ever meet. Ironically, they kind of do look alike.

This past week was my niece Kyla Rays 7th birthday! We were so lucky to spend her birthday with her. She needed to help the sick fairy Iridessa. So all day Iridessa had little tasks for Kyla to do; like the fairy Silvermist had Kyla plant a seed and water it. Another fairy had her paint a picture. Kyla eventually truly became a fairy helper when she got her first pair of fairy wings.

After shopping at Kyla’s favorite store we had a big birthday dinner with the Barrows. We spent the rest of the evening riding bikes and skateboarding outside.