Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cha, Cha, Cha, Changes... I really don't like change. It always takes me a long time to get used to change and then by the time I'm used to change, it changes again... Here's some of my recent changes:
- Got my hair cut. 11 inches baby! It's grown out a lot in the picture below. (this is me with my three roomies from Jerusalem. D, is on a mission for our church but we had her there in spirit. haha)

-"Retired" from track. It was time. I have gotten SO much from BYU track. 4 Years of some of my best memories, Memories with me teammates, the MEK Crew (Mindy, Eddie, Kindy), racing across the country, pushing past any limit I ever set for myself, weight room, pranks, locker room, dress up days... I miss it. I mostly miss the girls. But changes were needed.

- Best friend (you know who you are) has a boyfriend.
-Drystle left for a mission.
-I got married!
-Little sister getting married.
-Moving back to TX for the summer. We're living with Steven's grandparents. Steven got a awesome internship with a Law program and I am still looking for a good internship. We're excited but I will miss Provo summers. The weather is perfect and there is always so much to do around here. This is my first summer with Steven since, well singe, NEVER! hahaha. We've never had an entire summer where we are both in the same state or country. So, our first summer together! On the other hand, I hate, as in HATE, being away from my friends. I have a feeling that this summer will be one that we'll want to make a book out of. =)

"When you are through changing, you are through." ~Bruce Barton

Well, here we go. Cheers to Changes.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

K +S= Barrows

I know, I know, this is a typical newlywed post that people either think is adorable or lame depending on: a) you’re single, b) married, c) engaged, d) recently broken off a relationship, e) away from the person you love, or f) anti-dating (don’t worry, I’ve totally been there… Understandable).

We are perfect for each other because:

- Steven is a deep sleeper and I talk like none other in my sleep

- I hate feet but Steven loves feet.

- Steven loves to give long massages but doesn’t mind getting short massages, I love to get massages but HATE giving them.

- I hate balloons and Steven likes to pop them so they won’t scare me.

- Steven likes to snuggle and I like to be snuggled. (I don’t like to be the snuggler.)

- Steven loves frosting, I don’t like frosting

- I get things done fast, Steven takes his time.

- I eat dinner for breakfast and Steven likes to eats breakfast for dinner.

- Steven is a slow driver, I’m a fast driver.

- I like to be on time, Steven is usually late.

- Steven can study/sit in meetings for hrs; I get ancy after 15 mins.

- I am a light sleeper, Steven is a deep sleeper.

- I wake up to the alarm, Steven doesn’t.

- Steven is clean, I am not…so clean. (getting better at this)

- Steven is usually focused in meetings, I’m usually distracted.

- I like to sleep in; Steven likes to wake up early.

- Steven likes to stay busy, I like free time.

- Steven likes to do the dishes, I don’t...

-I like to get to the movies early so I can get a good seat; Steven likes to get to the movie when it is just about to start so he can see the movie.

-I can do homework while listening to music; Steven can't. (In fact, if there is any music on he can barley concentrate on anything besides the song.)

But in the end we complete each other.

So which one are you:

a) single

b) married

c) engaged

d) recently broken off a relationship

e) away from the person you love

f) anti-dating

Monday, April 11, 2011

I have the best nieces and nephew any aunt could ask for.
They got the looks:

They say the funniest things:
On the way home from church yesterday Kyla says "I can't wait to be baptized! I am so excited! I want to be baptized right now!" Smiling like proud parents we asked "Why do you want to be baptized Kyla?" "To wash away all my sins of course." Then Breven chimes in "What are sins Kyla?" then we smile and wait for her brilliant answer. Kyla says " I have NO idea......... but they are going to be all gone."

(This was Brenda's status on her facebook)
Um did anyone else's kids think that when conference started they were talking on skype? Breven was thrilled for a minute to be talking to the prophet. It was really cute

Breven: "Whites. Whites. Look Kyla, whites."
Kyla: "No Breven. Those are Lights. Not Whites."
Breven: "What?"
Kyla: "Lights. La la la like Laellow (as in, how she pronounces Yellow.)

And I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM in 19 days!!!