Monday, July 18, 2011

Lola / Elmo

For the past month and a half Steven and I have been house sitting for a family. The main reason for us to house sit was because of this dog:

She's CRAZY! Her name is Lola. ("whatever lola wants, Lola get...") Lola started off as the most annoying dog I've ever been around. She follows you right under your feet wherever you walk to; so you're constantly stepping on her. When she gets excited she pees. If we put her in her room, she would bark as if someone was trying to murder her while she was in there. Oddly enough, we came to love this dog. Once we accepted the fact that she was annoying, she all of a sudden became not so annoying. haha. By the time we had to part from Lola, Steven and I were both sad to say good bye to her.
This video is when we liked Lola and started realizing how much fun she could be.

This is kinda random, but Steven seriously has the FUNNIEST tickle laugh. I just had to record it. If you've seen any Sesame Street you'll make the odd connection that Steven and Elmos laugh are pretty similar. haha. =)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance?

I am a BIG So you think you can dance (sytycd)fan. This season, the girls are the BOMB.COM! Last night Ricky and Ryan performed my favorite dance of the season. As Steven and I were watching last nights episode I just couldn't get over how awesome this dance was. Steven made the connection that I have something for Zombie dances. It's SO true! My two favorite dances on sytycd are zombie dances.(Disclaimer: These are weird dances. I admit that. But I like weird things. It's good to appreciate weird things.)

The first one is last nights episode that Ricky and Ryan danced.

This is the Ramalama Bang Bang dance.

I can't... I'm allergic

Two summers ago while we were in Greece, I learned the hard way that I was allergic to Eucalyptus. But apparently, I'm allergic to something else. We figured this out after my complaining bamboo experience. I had a rash on my arms and legs. It really wasn't to bad, it just itched like CRAZY! Is this an excuse I can use for the rest of my life to NOT do yard work? "I can't... I'm allergic."