Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm here! And kind of alive...

After a pretty loooooong flight and a lot (probably too many) sleeping pills I have made it to the Holy Land! I can't believe I am here! The center is amazing. I feel like I am living in a museum or even a temple. When I was little I would get lost in the new houses we would move to and those were only 2 stories. The Center has 8 FLOORS!!! haha. Let's just say I've only been late to 3 of the 4 meetings I've had. The first day here we had to go to two of our classes to meet our teachers. EVERYONE was asleep (including me). The teacher/student relationship here is different than normal classes. For instance, when we met our teachers I just couldn't keep my eyes open and one yells "EDDINGTON!!!!! I can already tell that I will love you but keep trying to keep your eyes open." Yesterday we broke up into small groups with our teachers and went into the Old City. My teacher said that we'll get to know the Old City like the back of your hand. Maybe 20 mins into our tour I had no idea where I was or how I had gotten there.... soo.... I'm sure I'll get to know where I am at. I can't stop staring at the people here. I am fascinated by the many cultures.
Today I had my first two classes. WOOOOOW. I did all of the readings for my O.T class and when we took our first quiz I got a 3 out of 10. Two of those questions were "did you bring your scriptures" and "did you do your readings." lol. The third question was "what is the origin of the word bible and what is the meaning of that word." Surprisingly, I got that one right! (In case you're wondering its Greek, Biblia, meaning "the Books") I've never felt more intimidated in the class room then I do now but I have such a desire to do well.
For the past while I've been looking for something more... I've had a desire to learn more and be fluent in the scriptures. Here's my chance! Everything is related to the Gospel here. The administrators relate our experience here at the Jerusalem Center to be very much like an MTC experience. I feel so blessed to be here.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Here Goes!

I kind of feel like I'm jumping on the blog bandwagon but here goes... Jerusalem + Me= t-minuse 6 days! I can hardly contain myself. I know that Heavenly Father had EVERYTHING to do with me getting in because I'm guessing that it wasn't my awesome grades or excellent essays. =) While I'm doing my semester abroad in Jerusalem I'll do my best to post updates.
Well, school is over! I'm offically a senior! Only... 1... maybe 1 1/2 years... left. haha. My last track meet of the season is this weekend. It'll be great but I know that I'll be sad to not race for the rest of the summer. But lets face it... My body is SCREAMING for a break.
First blogg. First day of summer. First time to actually plan out my packing. First time to have more skirts then shorts and pants. And totally random but today was my first time to pick up a weight from the "second row." 55 BAaaBBByyyY! First time to actually be excited for school to start. Here I go...