Sunday, May 20, 2012


A lot has happened since my last post when we announced that we’ll be having a baby. Let’s see what’s changed… Oh just my ENTIRE body!!! We found out that we’ll be having a baby girl! I’m seriously excited. Since my 20 week mark my body has transitioned from looking “pudgy” to actually looking pregnant. Thank goodness, I hated that stage. I always wanted to tell people “no it’s NOT chub, it’s a BABY!” Also since my 20 week mark, Steven could finally feel baby girl’s movements. She sure loves to move… and kick… and punch… and have a gymnastics competition while I’m trying to sleep. Hahaha. Even though she moves ALL the time, I can’t help but love every punch. It’s the best when Steven can feel it. He’s already such a great dad. So with all these physical changes and with reading other peoples advice during pregnancy, I ‘am DETERMINED to stay healthy and in shape. Most every day I exercise (i.e. run, walk stadiums, bike, or lift). Working as a sports performance coach also keeps me super active. So I’ve decided that September 24th ish is D-Day aka Delivery Day. Me and baby girl; Mind over matter; A test of true strength and endurance. It might sound a little funny but I like training with a purpose. I’m not competing with baby girl; I’m competing with my body. And in the end, having a sweet tiny baby wrapped in my arms will be a pretty great reward. And who knows when the baby will come? Two weeks early, two weeks late? I guess that makes D-Day that much more exciting. PS: I've tried a dozen times to change my dang background but my blog wont let me! It's driving me CRAZY!!!