Sunday, May 20, 2012


A lot has happened since my last post when we announced that we’ll be having a baby. Let’s see what’s changed… Oh just my ENTIRE body!!! We found out that we’ll be having a baby girl! I’m seriously excited. Since my 20 week mark my body has transitioned from looking “pudgy” to actually looking pregnant. Thank goodness, I hated that stage. I always wanted to tell people “no it’s NOT chub, it’s a BABY!” Also since my 20 week mark, Steven could finally feel baby girl’s movements. She sure loves to move… and kick… and punch… and have a gymnastics competition while I’m trying to sleep. Hahaha. Even though she moves ALL the time, I can’t help but love every punch. It’s the best when Steven can feel it. He’s already such a great dad. So with all these physical changes and with reading other peoples advice during pregnancy, I ‘am DETERMINED to stay healthy and in shape. Most every day I exercise (i.e. run, walk stadiums, bike, or lift). Working as a sports performance coach also keeps me super active. So I’ve decided that September 24th ish is D-Day aka Delivery Day. Me and baby girl; Mind over matter; A test of true strength and endurance. It might sound a little funny but I like training with a purpose. I’m not competing with baby girl; I’m competing with my body. And in the end, having a sweet tiny baby wrapped in my arms will be a pretty great reward. And who knows when the baby will come? Two weeks early, two weeks late? I guess that makes D-Day that much more exciting. PS: I've tried a dozen times to change my dang background but my blog wont let me! It's driving me CRAZY!!!

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Nicole and Erik said...

You are awesome! Seriously, after 20 weeks I exploded, it is like that is when they decide to grow. I have a sweet book on exercise during pregnancy. Written by the main exercise physiologist in the field. Let me know if you want to borrow it. It really kept me motivated, and it is nice to understand the adaptations that are happening. Keep it up.